How to Make Frozen Yogurt in a Blender

How To make frozen yogurt in a blender

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Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt

It’s getting towards summer! That means only one thing for the Internet – a slew of different tips on dieting and sweet low calorie juices, meals, and treats.

how to make froyo in a blenderA lot of these use different tricks and expensive, complicated shenanigans to force a low-calorie count out of what is usually a fatty treat. They’re either expensive, hard to make, or both!

The good news is that you don’t need to need to bust the bank or spend hours to have some truly delicious and health friendly food for the summer style.

Forget the ice cream machine and sugar and go straight to the frozen yogurt.

This is a great choice for a creamy, smooth treat that will quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the calorie limit needed to keep you looking great.

Froyo is a fantastic choice for a low-calorie treat as it doesn’t need to be loaded to the brim with sugar and other additions to taste great.

It naturally has a great taste and is very simple to make and just as convenient to store.

Step Up Your Homemade Froyo

What’s better is that if you don’t mind spending a few extra precious calories you can really take your froyo to the next level.

With the simple use of a blender, whether a personal single serve blender or a larger blender like the Breville BBL605XL, you can add some amazing items such as agave nectar or different types of honey to your chosen recipe to make the yogurt even richer than before.

While there is natural sugar in fruits it goes without saying that a custom made froyo recipe will be a very healthy option that won’t be bad for you in any way at all.

That said if you do want to add some naughty items you can easily have some fun with your frozen yogurt recipe!

Once your yogurt is blended up it’s a simple matter of adding whatever you’d like to the mix. Fun items like sprinkles or chocolate pieces can turn an already great food into a delight.

We particularly recommend trying out dark, high cocoa chocolate – it’s got a more mature flavor that can go incredibly well with froyo recipes that can be more on the savory or tart side and might not suit sweet chocolate so well in some cases.

Delicious Froyo Recipes

Strawberry Froyomake homemade froyo

You’ll need the following ingredients and equipment:

  • Blender
  • Four cups of frozen strawberries
  • A few teaspoons of honey or agave nectar
  • Half a cup to one cup of plain yogurt
  • 1-2 Tablespoons of lemon juice

You simply add all these items together to your blender and hit the switch! It’s easy to do in minutes. The lemon is important to cut through the flavor and lift it up a bit more.

Once you’ve done that you’ll of course need to package this in an appropriate container and place it in the freezer. You have around a month to eat the froyo once it’s made – it never lasts that long anyway so that’s not an issue!

To get it properly frozen you’ll need to have it in the freezer for at least 2-3 hours. Overnight is best – once it’s partially frozen it’s lovely to have at that temperature but it really shines once the proper time has been given for it to freeze fully.

Berry Mix Froyohomemade frozen yogurt recipe

This recipe has a little more to it on the ingredient side.

While we mentioned above that even a simple frozen yogurt recipe made with your blender is still healthy, this one really kicks it up a notch with a variety of different additions that provide a range of health benefits.

This is a fantastic choice for a healthy treat once you’ve had your main dinner meal.

It’s very light on the stomach and still packs a sweet flavor and can help settle your stomach and aid your digestive system as well.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Blender
  • Around six or seven ounces of berry or apple juice
  • A cup of Greek or vanilla yogurt
  • A cup of spinach, you can also use kale
  • A few cups of frozen berries, to taste
  • A single frozen banana
  • One to two tablespoons of flaxseeds ground roughly

As above, you simply place all these items in a blender and hit the switch until smooth.

You’ll need to put in a little more time with this recipe to make sure that the berries and flax seeds particularly are properly processed.

This frozen yogurt concoction will have a little more texture to it but provides a wonderful, intense flavor thanks to the amount of berries and the flax seeds.

These will help your digestive system by providing an extra kick of fiber as well as helping the froyo taste absolutely sublime – a winning combination!

Get Inventive – Other Options

These two recipes are a great introduction to the subject of froyo. You can get started with these with just your freezer, a blender, and some basic ingredients. The sky really is the limit, however.

easy frozen yogurt recipesYou can experiment with, for instance, a range of different consistencies in your ingredients.

How about trying the strawberry or berry recipe then adding in a handful or two of hand chopped berries or other fruits, or even nuts?

Suddenly you can have a varied texture and some crunch to your frozen yogurt that turns it from a one-dimensional treat into a full desert meal with almost no effort!

You can also play around with different methods of storing and presentation.

Try purchasing some lollipop molds and freezing for at least one day to make an easy hold summer treat the whole family will love.

Before you know it you’ll have your own recipe tweaks and will have an enormous range of options available with barely any work at all – and all on the healthy side of things to boot.