NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja: Battle of the Personal Blenders

Nutribullet vs nutri ninja

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Nutri Bullet vs Nutri Ninja Showdown

The blending game has changed!

Forget weak and inefficient blenders that die on you after a week’s use.

Modern personal blenders, meant for single serving smoothies and shakes, have tremendous power and longevity thanks to advances in the production of ever smaller machine and gear parts.nutri ninja personal blender

This translates into blenders that can put out enough power to process a variety of ingredients. This critically includes items such as vegetables or fruits that still contain the skin.

That capability brings an exciting amount of breadth and depth into what recipes are available from modern blenders. The amount of nutrition that can be retained in a smoothie recipe has increased drastically thanks to the ability to process smoothies without skinning fruit and vegetables first – parts of the food which often contain the highest amount of nutrition.

It’s hard to pin down specifically at first what you need out of a personal blender. While the industry has clear winners there are a lot of cheaper products flooding the market. These are often produced by lower quality mass production factories and can appear very polished and presentable at first. Such poor products will however tend towards lower quality internal parts and will likely produce less power and break faster.

But what are the top two personal blenders on the market currently?

The NutriBullet and theNinja Nutri of course.

NutriBullet Review

We’ll go over the Nutri Bullet first. It’s the number one personal blender in the worldwide market for a reason.

We love how easy to use this is. It’s as simple as filling your container and pressing down on the top to start off an incredible blending machine.

NutriBullet Pro review

NutriBullet Pro

The power of this blender is what really sells it. You don’t have to worry about tough items like unskinned vegetables – the NutriBullet pulverises them easily.

That’s in part thanks to a very hefty 600 watt motor. This is what lets the NutriBullet Pro tear up whatever is put inside it.

There’s some intelligent design behind this blender also. In addition to a hefty motor the NutriBullet also has a patented design on its main blade for a blend that will result in a smooth and nutritious smoothie every time.

You get a great variation in accessories with the NutriBullet Pro too. It comes with three different types of filling cups of varying sizes as well as a choice of blades suited for different purposes. It also includes spare lids to ensure a full seal as well as a fantastic manual that also helps you get started with some recipe suggestions.

Finally, you’re able to provide blended smoothies to a larger number of people with the option of jars up to 32oz in size.

In conclusion, the NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja argument is a tough one. It should be clear however that the NutriBullet Pro doesn’t mess around. It’s got the whole package – great accessories and a powerful motor together with some customized blades for the best blend possible.

Ninja Nutri Review

Meet the main contender. A powerful and well priced personal blender that has the NutriBullet working hard to keep its top spot on the sales list.

We like how this one does a wide range of smoothies with a great variety of containers. It’s also particularly popular due to its price range, coming in a little cheaper in the NutriBullet vs Ninja Nutri single serve blender argument.

nutri ninja single serve blenderThis bad boy comes with a simple method of working and a one year warranty out of the box. The customer support for the Ninja company is also reputed to be on the ball and helpful with replacements and use advice.

The main area where the Ninja Nutri, unlike its bigger brother, the Ninja 1200,  comes up short is when dealing with particularly large fruit or vegetable items. This is less of a problem with some simple manual tearing or chopping however which will allow the Ninja to perform well.

The Ninja Nutri single serve blender is however fantastic at chopping through its other processing ingredients though. It can easily shave apart ice cubes to help ensure a rich and creamy smoothie texture – a very valuable element in smoothie production regardless your recipe.

It can do this due to its powerful blades that are fully constructed in all product ranges from stainless steel. That means that the Ninja Nutri can chop apart a large range of different ingredients whether those include stems or skins. Even seeds can get taken apart which adds to the nutrition possibilities. Great!

There is one downside that comes with the Ninja Nutri though. It has to do with the way it activates its blending process.

You need to actually push down on the jar and hold it in place over the actual blades and blender while the Ninja does its work. That means that you can’t get on with any other household or kitchen tasks.

It’s also limited by the fact that it only comes as stock with a single blade. This doesn’t do it any favors in the NutriBullet vs Ninja Nutri argument as the Bullet comes with several blades in its Pro version.

Lastly, the Nutri Ninja loses out by having a slightly lower RPM value than the Bullet. This isn’t too significant a change as the Ninja can still pulverize food to a great degree but the difference is there.

So Which One is the Best Personal Blender?

There’s no way around it when it comes to this argument. Both of these blenders have a fantastic core function and put out some serious power. The key factor here is the ability to fully blend with the skin on your ingredients to make sure you get maximum nutrition.

nutri bullet personal blenderIf you need to get a personal blender that kicks out the maximum amount of power to chew through the toughest ingredients you’ll be well served by the Bullet. There are several different personal blenders within the NutriBullet range that provide a range of powers. Some of these blenders, like the Omniblend Smoothie Maker can put out more watts if needed.

Conversely, some users will want a smaller blender that needs less watts. This consideration can be catered for by the smaller blenders in the range such as the 600 watt NutriBullet blender.

Both of these personal blenders are a top level quality product. The difference comes down to your personal preference in part as you’re likely to be satisfied by it. They do however come with a range of accessories and slight differences in their processing power.

Some will rate the Ninja Nutri Pro particularly as a powerful appliance that outstrips the Bullet series in many regards. The race for the number one spot within this industry has been neck and neck and your buying choice might depend on whatever sales or deals are running at the time.

Which Blender is Easier to Use?

While a beast of a motor might be an appealing factor the fact of the matter is that you need to be happy with how easy it is to actually use at the end of the day.

nutri ninja vs nutri bullet reviewWith the NutriBullet Pro you need to either lock down the device so that it can keep working. Alternatively, you can pulse the blender by pushing down on it.

A key difference with the Ninja single serve blender is that it can fill to a much higher degree of its fill cup sizes. This is due to them working only on pulses. You can top up your blending container to the absolute brim to make sure you get the amount you want from your blend.

It’s worth noting that in the argument of the NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja that both products, including their blades and fill cups, are fully dish washer safe. This means that they are able to be cleaned in a machine or by filling the BPA free containers with soapy water and actually blending them as normal to clear the containers up. Simple.

Let’s Compare the Blenders

We’ll start with some things we like about the NutriBullet Pro.

  • Great at tearing up and pulverizing fruit and vegetables
  • Can hold a respectable 32oz in its containers
  • Comes with two blades when compared to the Ninja’s single blade
  • The manual comes with a fantastic range of delicious smoothie recipes to get you started
  • Easy to use from the start with zero hassle
  • Has a great range of accessories and sealable lid spares

What about the Ninja Nutri?

  • A good number of spare items and parts including containers of various sizes
  • Two lids
  • A great power output of 900 watts
Nutri Ninja's blades

Nutri Ninja’s blades

So with those points out of the way what are some key differences between the two?

A key difference in the NutriBullet Pro vs Nutri Ninja debate is the blades.

Both blenders have a good blade selection but the Ninja will have its blades angled higher than the Bullet blender. That means it hits the product in a different manner and means it can reach to a higher point in the container as it is active.

The fill line on the products is also different as we mentioned above. The Bullet’s fill line is much closer to the middle of its container whereas the Ninja single serve blender can hit the brim of its fill line and container with every blend.

This means the Ninja can blend and process a higher amount of ingredients and volume with each blend it does when compared to the Bullet.

Pros and Cons

  • While the Nutri Bullet is a powerful piece of equipment, when compared to the motor on the Ninja it does require some downtime in between blending sessions. This is so the machine doesn’t heat up too much and wear down quickly
  • nutri bullet single serving blenderWe advise no longer than 60 seconds at once on the Bullet, which can limit its usefulness
  • The Bullet’s blender has a fantastic motor that is perfect for pulverizing tough skin and seeds. The main benefit here is maximum nutrition
  • You will be able to tell from reviews that the most popular product in the blender market is the Bullet. A lot of people have used it for years with great results
  • Although the product ranges do vary, the main Ninja only kicks out 450 watts compared to the 600 watts that the Bullet provides
  • The fill containers on the Bullet can leave some tricky areas in the container. These corners can be annoying to clear out and clean afterwards
  • The BPA free containers on the Ninja and Bullet can be easily cleaned in a sink or dishwasher with no problems
  • The fixed blades on the Ninja can mean that it isn’t as adaptable as the Bullet – some owners consider this a downside
  • The Ninja only has a single fixed speed which means you’ll need to manually pulse the ingredients several times to get the consistency you want in your smoothie

What’s the Best Personal Blender?

The main differences in this case are quite small. When it comes to the NutriBullet vs Ninja Nutri decision you should keep in mind that either product is of great quality and will likely meet your requirements.nutribullet pro review

It’s fair to note however that the Ninja is considered an ideal blender for items such as smoothies, drinks, and other side dishes. This is in part due to how easy it is to pulverize and crush ice cubes with the Ninja and its great motor.

The Bullet is renowned on the other hand for having the power in its 900 watt motor to really take care of tough items. A lot of traditional smoothies and particularly those heavy in vegetables will challenge most blenders and need a lot of power to take care of. This is where the Bullet is known to shine as it can grind down these items without threatening the motor or overheating the blender.

Whichever you go for you’ll be sure to have a great experience getting into the world of blending. These two competitors both come with a great range of accessories and suggestions on how to get started.