Purchasing the Perfect Quiet Blender


Quiet Blenders are used for multi-purposes these days, but the general demand for many people is to make several fruit smoothies. Most blenders do not provide the perfect taste that people are looking for in their smoothies. All blenders are designed to mix fruits and vegetables smoothly to prepare smoothies as this is the main function of such blenders, but many fail to provide the satisfactory taste in a full-fledged form.

A perfect blender should not only make the best tasting smoothies for you but also able to assist you with any sort of blends from pesto to almonds or peanut butter. Basically, the perfect blender is a machine that takes care of your wishes and satisfies you in all forms possible. In addition, a quiet blender must be quiet as the name suggests so that your smoothie preparation process do not become a noisy one.

Purchasing Suggestions

  • Purchase blenders that are made up of wide metal base to support better stability. Blenders that are made up of stainless steel and top quality aluminum are easy to maintain and clean that can help the machine to last long.
  • Blenders that are made of large glass pitchers are also very easy to clean and can assist long term durability since these materials do not scratch easily. Avoid the plastic pitchers as they are easy to get scratches. But there are some blenders that are offering and guaranteeing long term durability with the plastic pitchers. So it all depends on the brand where you may need to spend some time researching.
  • In order to prepare the best tasting smoothie, you need to buy a blender that runs on a high-powered motor with at least a minimum capacity of 500 watts. It is actually way better if the blender can act on more than 500 watts capacity. Such high voltage is needed to easily handle frozen fruit, berries and ice. Furthermore, the higher voltage would enable the blender puree and liquefy a variety of ingredients to help you make much creamier smoothie with amazing flavors.
  • Buying blenders that have touch pads are very useful. They can be operated and cleaned easily compared to the blenders that carry push buttons. Touch pads also last longer.

Some blenders come with additional features such as coffee grinders with the help of which to grind flax or sesame seeds. You can grind other healthy ingredients such as cinnamon or cacao beans to include them in order prepare incredibly tasty but healthy chocolate smoothies. There are wide varieties of brands that are offering unique features with the blenders to help you achieve the best value for money possible. The main aim to get the best and perfect quiet blender is to achieve the service of totally noise free blending process with easy to maintain features that can ensure longer durability. In addition, you also need a blender that does not sacrifice any nutritional quality from the fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that you use to blend.


Blendtec Stealth Counter

This blender is regarded as the world’s quietest blender. This is also one of the most popular blenders that can be found in the market. Although, it is a bit expensive, the wide variety of features and its top notch performance provides a total value for money for those who have bought and used it for some time. With this product, you can blend anything without even realizing that it is working since the blender is completely silent during the blending process. So your private conversations will not be hampered unlike many other blenders that give headaches due to the excessive noise. The container technology included in this blender works efficiently to ensure a noise free blending process.

The blending process also works very fast and smoothly with the assistance of “batting technology” patented by Blendtec itself. The product is manufactured with stainless steel materials which is one of the finest materials to keep the product more durable. Such materials are easy to clean to suit the convenience of the users and so it can be kept new and high functioning for a longer period of time. The 8 year warranty that comes with the product is there to support such claim.

This is certainly one of the best blenders to make smoothies with a wide variety of options with the help of which you can test your own levels of creativity. You can make juices, dressings, soups, nut milks, nut butters, marinades, sauces, salsas, batter, dips, yogurts and many more. In addition, you can grind up grains with this blender to help you prepare meals for babies; there is actually a distinct process to enable you make healthy and tasty meals for your baby with the help of this product. The recipe book that comes with this blender would help you to find all the several ways of preparing highly nutritious meals in varied forms.

The touch pad technology in this blender can be extremely helpful to program blending cycles or perhaps set the machine up to prepare certain smoothies for you on a regular basis without you having to work much hard on it. Basically, the machine will know about your daily needs and work accordingly. There are separate buttons to help you prepare different types of blends distinctly for smoothies, yogurts, ice crush, milkshakes, and soups and so on. So you do not have to know how to make those blends, the blender knows it all where all you have to do is just click on a button.

So, if you want your daily life to be filled with nutritious smoothies that can be prepared with the utmost convenience, this is the perfect product for you.


Hamilton Beach HBH850

This is a product that looks like we are in the future world of sophisticated technology. Certainly, a first glance at this blender would give you that particular impression. This beautiful blender machine comes with a “one touch sensor blending” auto blend technology which is essential to make the life of the users more convenient, flexible and easy. Such technology allows the user to monitor the blender’s power usage and speed to determine the consistency at which the perfect drink can be made.

This machine has the power to do the thinking for you in terms of getting innovative and creative with the drinks you want to make. There are a wide range of options to help your determine the perfect process through which you can make the perfect drinks such smoothies and milkshake in a variety of ways. The blender knows exactly how to prepare the most delicious drinks thanks to the multifold level of options that are programmed digitally into the system. The deliciousness is guaranteed with the automatic shut off system where the blender would stop blending when the mixture reaches its perfect creamy drink for you to enjoy. There is no fear of over or under blending since this “smart” blender knows when to stop.

Furthermore, the machine uses the patented wave action system which continuously forces mixtures down to the blades. This therefore allows the machine to produce smooth and creamy drink profile without letting any ice chunks to be left over inside the machine. This smart quiet blender technology is not only built to show high performance but also built to last for a long time. The three-horse power precision motor within all motor drive coupling can blend even the toughest frozen ingredients with ease.


The external cooling fans that installed in the system constantly provide cool air into the system to prevent overheating. To add to your convenience, the jar sensor automatically shuts down the motor when the jar is removed. This is essential for the prevention of clutch grinding. This machine is mostly used for commercial purposes but can be handy if bought for home use which many families are doing these days. This means, you can prepare incredibly high tasty drinks from home without having to visit any place to find the same level of taste. So you probably are saving some cash in that regard.

The machine is designed in such a way that those commercial shops can serve its customers variety of drinks within a short period keeping the level of quality alive. For this reason, the product is a bit expensive compared to other blenders that are made for home use. Either way, discount offers at amazon consistently push individuals to buy this product and so it is getting popular among home users. You can simply invite a lot of friends and relatives over for dinner and show off your test for food by preparing delicious smoothies for them. Certainly, your guests would be utterly amazed and impressed with the type of service provide with the help of this magnificent quiet blender.


Vita-mix 34013

Vita-Mix is one of the most popular quiet blenders that are available in the market. Basically, if a consumer is looking for a quiet blender, the first recommendation would be this particular product. This brand can be regarded as one of the first innovators of such technology that produces varied forms of nutritious smoothies without making any noise.

There are several other related models available from Vita-Mix, each with its distinct and unique features that customers can choose from depending on different budget ranges. In general terms, this is also the cheapest quiet blender that can be found among other blenders that are mostly made for commercial purposes. This blender is completely designed for home use but provides service as good as any coffee shop or juice bar blenders around the corner.

If you want to make good investment on your health, this blender is possibly one of the best solutions for you. The product comes with a recipe book that provides proper guidelines to the users on how to use this machine to make highly nutritious health benefiting smoothies using several fruits and vegetables that are rich in healthy nutrients. If you are addicted to unhealthy junk food and is desperate for a diet change, the recipe book that comes with this blender would provide you a lot of information on the alternatives that you can have to change your diet into a healthy one.

The product comes with a big jar and so this provides more option in making a variety of foods such as soups that require a large quantity of water. The container is made with solid plastic and glass polycarbonate materials that do not break easily and the no-dip spout in the container eliminates any sort of product waste. To keep up with competition, the latest model of Vita-mix have included all the smart technology that lets you prepares tons of different juices with just a single click of the touch pad button. The machine just like the others know which drink requires how much water and how much time to ensure the best taste and so as a user you do not require to think hard on anything since the blender does the thinking for you.

This product has a USB port so that you can upgrade the digital operating system whenever there is one available. You can follow the Vita-mix site for updates, download it and use your pen drive to install it into the machine. Other useful features include jar pad sensors that work effectively to prevent any sort of wear and tear. A dual fan that keeps the motor cool and so prevents overheating and so ensure longer durability in its functionality. The 7 year warranty is there with the product to support such long-term functionality.

In this modern time, we are observing fast and prompt technological updates from almost all types of machines that we can find in the market. Such technology is making our lives not only easier but healthier and more productive as well so that we can collectively progress and evolve more with no limitations for growth. Humanity as a whole is evolving at a faster rate and technologies such as these are here to assist us in the journey.

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