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Tips on Baking Bread (Learn From My Mistakes!)

After my last kitchen disaster I thought I wouldn’t have another one for a while. Well, I certainly was wrong about that. Want flat, heavy bread? Just ask me how you can make that happen and I can tell you. Fred and I make bread together. He mixed and kneads it, I pan it and […]


How To Dehydrate Food

A great way to preserve surplus food items like vegetables, fruits, and even meat, is dehydration. It basically means to remove the water content from food to prevent a growth of microorganisms and decay of food items by natural or artificial methods. It is a great alternative to canning and freezing as dehydrating food is […]


How to Blanch and Peel Tomatoes

Blanching is a cooking technique used for some fruits and vegetables where the item is submerged in boiling water and quickly transferred to ice told water to stop the cooking process. Blanching conserves the colour of food and in the case of tomatoes helps us easily remove the skin. Follow the instructions below for perfect […]