7 Tasty Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

juice recipes for weight loss

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Weight Loss Juice Recipes

I have been trying to lose weight again, goodness knows I have tried so many times before, but I have found that these fruity and invigorating juicing recipes for weight loss are just brilliant and the results are absolutely fabulous too! I feel energised, my skin, hair, and nails are glowing and I am getting lots of compliments on how great I look.

My favorite recipe definitely has to the be Strawberry Green Blast, here is the recipe (feel free to share it with your friends);

Strawberry Green Blast

Strawberry Green Blast juice recipe

via www.nutriliving.com


2 cups of any leafy greens of your choice, (I use Spinach, kale, spring greens)

1 Banana (peeled)

2 Tablespoons of Flax seeds

1 cup of frozen Strawberries

1.5 cups of chilled Coconut water (fresh would be best)


Place all the ingredients into your juicer or blender and blast until smooth!

Top Tip: The Flax seeds are an amazing source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and the essential omega-3, so not only does this taste great, it is also really nutritious too. I serve this lovely weight loss juice in a tall glass over ice and garnished with slices of fresh strawberry.

Here are some more of my favourite juice recipes for weight loss, along with some of my secret top tips to help boost your weight loss.

Pound Away The Pounds Tonic

Pound Away The Pounds Tonic recipe

via http://www.mastercook.com/


1 Cup Spinach

1 Large Tomato

½ Stalk Celery

½ Carrot

½ Red Pepper

¼ Small Onions

¼ Limes

2 Sprigs Coriander

1 ½ Cups Water


Place all of the ingredients into your juicer or blender and extract for only 40 seconds for a super smooth, very delicious, top tonic to easily help your weight loss. I serve this in a tall straight glass with stalk of celery to stir, dip or crunch.

Top Tip; This one is a great meal substitution, great to make in advance and take with you on the go, or for after the gym!

The Feel Better, Look Great Green Shake

This shake is alkalinizing, low-glycemic and packed with vitamins and antioxidants to keep your energy up, your skin glowing and your immune system fully charged.


1.5 Cups of Water or Almond Milk

I Grapefruit (Peeled)

1 pinch of Sweetener (Stevia or similar)

1 teaspoon of Cinnamon

1 tablespoon of grated Fresh ginger

1 bunch of kale or Spinach (washed and chopped)

1 cup of chopped green apple

½ Cucumber

1 cup of Ice or ½ a frozen banana


Blend together water and grapefruit, and then add your choice of sweetener, cinnamon, and ginger. Then add Kale one handful at a time until it has all been well incorporated. Add the chopped apple, cucumber, and ice and then blend until smooth and creamy. I like to serve this in a hurricane style glass, which makes it a great weight loss mocktail.

Top Tip; The addition of Cinnamon to this recipe is great as it is a known weight loss booster for helping to speed up your metabolism. Ginger can help burn off some of the fat stored up in the body as it is also known to help speed up your metabolism.

Another great recipe that I really enjoy and is a great, quick and easy juicing recipe for weight loss, is the Turmeric Tonic…

Turmeric Tonic

Turmeric Tonic juicing recipe

via www.mommypotamus.com


2 Persimmons Fruit

2 lemons (peeled)

1 (3”) piece of fresh Turmeric Root


Process all the ingredients through a juicer and as water as needed to get the consistency you like, and enjoy immediately for optimal health benefits. When serving this I’d suggest a short tumbler style glass, with plenty of ice and a lemon wedge to garnish.

Top Tip; Turmeric is the new revelation in weight loss and is known to “Turn to Bad Fat good”! The consumption of just the right amount of turmeric (2-3grams daily) can slow down the increase of belly fat.

Slimming Citrus Blast


2 Handfuls Spinach

¼   Grapefruit

1   Orange

3   Strawberries

¼ Cup Raspberries

1-Tablespoon Chia Seeds

1 ½ Cups Water


This is a super quick 30-second blast in your juicer and it’s ready to enjoy!

Top Tip: I would suggest you make sure you include low glycemic fruits like strawberries and grapefruit, along with plenty of dark leafy greens! Chia seeds are great weight loss benefits as they absorb water and so can help you feel full up longer, as well as being fabulously nutritious.

Pomegranate Pizazz

1 Medium Apple

1 Cucumber

½ Lemon

1 large Orange

1 Cup of Pomegranate


Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.

Top Tip: Adding lemon juice to a beverage can help increase weight loss. I’ve also included the superfruit Pomegranate as it has loads of great health and weight loss benefits. Pomegranates block triglycerides, the fat that is bad for your blood. This means the fruit attacks the fat before it can even be stored in your body.

Sweet Curb Appetite Juice

Sweet Curb Appetite Juice recipe

via Turtlewoman (Kim Lam)

1 large sweet potato

2-3 carrots

1 orange

1/4 pineapple (about 1 cup chopped pineapples)

Optional: squeeze half a lemon in!


This is such a simple recipe! Peel the sweet potato, and put it into your juicer/blender along with the carrots, orange and pineapple (plus lemon for an added weight loss boost) and blitz until smooth. Can be served in a fresh pineapple shell for a lovely tropical treat.

Top Tip: This juice recipe for weight loss will help reduce your appetite. If you have a sweet craving, especially late at night, make yourself a sweet juice instead of reaching for the sweets, treats or biscuit bars.

Pink Smoothie

Pink Smoothie juice recipe

via www.superhealthykids.com

Nutritious and satisfying, this smoothie is high in vitamin C. The combo of apple and natural yogurt are great for the digestive tract.

2 oranges
1 apple
1 cup of raspberries (fresh or frozen)
1 cup of strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1/2 cup of natural live yogurt


Firstly juice the oranges and the apple, and then add the blended juice to a blender with the rest of the ingredients. This delicious and refreshing juice is best served immediately, perhaps in a hi-ball style glass and garnished with swirl of yogurt.

Top Tip: Natural yogurt has many health benefits; it contains lots of good for you bacteria and is packed full of vitamins. When you eat yogurt, the calcium signals your fat cells to pump out less cortisol, making it easier for you to drop pounds, while the amino acids help burn fat.