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Best Cordless Electric Kettles

Most of you out there cannot imagine your day-to-day life without a kettle. It boils water for your tea in the mornings, provides warm water for your child’s milk, and even helps you prepare warm water to make coffee in the evenings. The new-world kettles are both electric and cordless, and so they are highly useful because they are both portable and run wherever there is electricity. Kettles also make good gifts at weddings and anniversaries, because they are a very necessary electrical appliance and are cheaper than others in their class. However, selecting one for oneself or others is a daunting task for many, because there are simply so many brands and varieties out there. So, here’s a list of some popular cordless electric kettles with descriptions and customer reviews to help you choose the right one.

  1. The Ovente KP72BR

The cheapest one by far on this list, this one is popular amongst students and families that are just starting out professionally.

Prices range between $14 (with special discounts) and $20. It has a capacity of 1.7L and needs 110/120V, 1100-watt power: hence, it boils quicker and uses less energy than its contemporaries.

Its body is made of plastic (which makes it less popular among many who prefer metal bodies), but comes in a range of colors. The heating element is concealed and it comes with automatic shut-off with boil-dry protection option for extra safety.

Other features include water-level gauge, an on/off switch and LED light indicator. Stay-cool handle is a plus and removable/cleanable spout filter ensures the cleanest results.

It has a non-slip 360-degree rotary power base that promotes easier pouring, serving and filling; it takes up a space of 8.5 x 6.7 x 9.4 inches. Best of all, it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty!

Mostly students and newly married couples have bought and reviewed this product. According to many, it is one of the best electrical appliances they’ve bought in terms of price and functionality. One flaw they mentioned was that it needed to be wiped internally to stop from condensation remaining and hard water build up, which would later cause problems with reading the water levels correctly.

On the other hand, most were delighted with the product, because of the colors to choose from, functionality is to price comparison, its safety features and longevity. Others mentioned that the manufacturers are true to their word about the warranty and always helped out if and when something stopped working (which happened, but rarely).

  1. Chef’s Choice 681 Kettle

The next one on the list got 4 and above stars from almost all the homemakers who’ve used it.

It belongs to the Chef’s Choice family of kettle makers and former users of this brand rarely want to change to another; hence, many of the reviewers had just upgraded to this model after their old ones had given out after years of use.

Its price is around $49 and for that this stainless steel (both exterior and interior) kettle comes with a water gauge built into the handle, concealed heating element that is protected from water and in turn, mineral deposits’ build up, illuminated on/off switches and boil-dry protection features.

120V, 60Hz, 1500 Watts of power is used efficiently by this kettle to boil up 1.25 Quart of water in just over 2 minutes. It has a 360 degree base from which the kettle lifts off easily for filling, pouring and serving conveniently.

Users of this brand like this model better than its predecessors for several reasons: the new, highly visible blue light (that prevents users from touching the hot kettle accidentally), the simple yet elegant design, lower, but still audible ‘ready’ sound and lighter weight.

Negative reviews were mostly about the smell of industrial packaging which did go away after washing thoroughly. It was also highly finger-print prone which again could be washed off using a sponge or towel. It was also a little smaller than its predecessor, the 677, but overall, it proved to be a good investment for most users due to its satisfactory functionality and longevity.

  1. Hamilton Beach Programmable Electric Kettle – 40996

A blessing for the tech-savvy people out there, this programmable kettle comes at the low price of just $50. It even acts as your morning alarm and greets you with ready, hot water for making tea or coffee.

It can quickly heat up 1.7L of water using just 1500 Watts of power and retain a long list of programmable temperatures for a range of hot beverages like hot chocolate, coffees and tea.

It boasts a display panel with a countdown timer, programmable clock, automatic one-hour shutoff setting, manual temperature buttons and 5 pre-set, programmed temperatures. It even has a removable mesh-filter that purifies the water, one button lid open option, a removable base, water window to check on liquid levels and boil-dry protection.

This kettle has received both positive and negative reviews: for the technically literate this classy-looking, stainless steel, programmable and cordless electric kettle is a dream-come-true at such a low price; for the non-tech enthusiasts the buttons are a curse.

Many have also complained about the reading on the LED display being unclear, but they are still satisfied with this product, because apart from the options and features already mentioned, it can keep water hot for up to 1 hour, has a fairly accurate thermostat and a temperature adjuster with 5 degree increments, is expensive-looking and has a removable base for easy pouring.

It has been declared by many “a great deal” for the people looking for a programmable, cordless electric kettle.

  1. The Breville SK500XL Ikon

The review for this one is majorly positive. Many users have been using this for well over 4 years and they have claimed “it is still going strong.”

Its pros include: easy to clean, beautiful design, the outlet is easy to pull, cord wraps around the base and is hidden completely, boils over 1.5L of water in just 4 minutes with only 1500 Watts of power, soft-grip handle, boil-dry protection, easy on/off buttons, an audible ‘ready’ bells, auto shut-off option, cushion-covered lid and an amazing 1-year limited warranty.

For a price of around $80, this kettle seems to have more supporters than its contemporaries belonging to Chef’s Choice, Braun, Cuisinart and other brands.

Criticisms against this brand of cordless kettle include its high price; many find it odd that it is priced higher than programmable ones.

Another con is its weight. Many reviewers also complained about a metallic smell if water was re-boiled in it or stored for long hours. They, however, mentioned that newly boiled water did not have any such odor and overall, this was declared a kettle-worth-the-money for its longevity.

  1. The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

The last one on this list and also the most expensive, this brand of cordless electric kettle can hold 1.7L of water and boils over 1L of liquid, with its concealed heating element using 155-watt/110-volts of electricity, in just 3 minutes.

It comes at a price of around $85 and has 6 preset heat settings, blue LED indicator lights, 30-minute keep warm and 2-minute memory options, 360-degree swivel power base, blue backlit water window, removable/washable scale filter and boil-dry protection with auto safety shutoff feature.

What is the best thing about it you ask? It comes with a 3-year warranty!

The reviews about this kettle included highly positive comments like “Look no further” and “This kettle is everything you could want.”

However, it is not for the people with low affordability. Many users have used it with great success for instant oatmeal and hot chocolate too.

One user claimed, “The kettle is easy to fill, solidly built, and heats water very fast. It finishes its heat cycle with an authoritative beep that I can hear from the next room as I watch Sports Center.”

Its other advantages include easily washable, easily usable features and controls and accurate temperature display. The stainless steel interiors, its performance and amazing features make it a good buy for all those looking for a very good cordless electric kettle.


So, the next time you decide to replace your old kettle or just buy a new one, you have this study to help you choose the best of the best according to your needs. Do not fear; just decide on the options and features you want in your kettle and the money you are willing to spend, have a look at the above reviews, go out and be rest assured to get a great kettle for your household.

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