Brown Rice Cookers: Aroma 8-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker

Brown Rice Cookers: Aroma 8-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker: The Best Choice for You

If you are looking for the perfect brown rice cooker then Aroma-8 can be one of the best choices for you. Since, not a lot of conventional rice cookers are able to assist the cooking of brown rice; the digital technology that Aroma-8 is made up of can be regarded as an exception in this case.

With the help of this awesome rice cooker, you will not only be able to cook delicious brown rice meals mixing other tasty ingredients, you can also keep it warm for a longer period of time with no compromises made in the level nutrition and health benefits that may come from cooking with this rice cooker.

Cooking Convenience

Aroma-8 is manufactured with the sole intention of making your life easier. Certainly, cooking brown rice requires a lot of time that may take up a great portion of your busy day schedule. This is why digital technologies are so helpful through which you will be able to cook delicious one pot dishes, quality brown and other rice alongside healthy steamed meals with just a press of a button. Basically, you can forget about your cooking after pressing the button where you can get involved with other regular activities while the rice cooker does the cooking for you. Once the cooker finished cooking the meal, it will keep the meal warm automatically as long as possible so that you can come back anytime after work to enjoy a lovely warm meal.

The great advantage this rice cooker provides is that it enables anyone with no knowledge of cooking rice to become somewhat of a master at it. This is the perk of having a digital machine at your house because it makes your life more convenient, flexible and productive. It supports small or medium sized families and also let you prepare larger meals for guests without you having to make much effort to impress them. Aroma-8 specifically supports brown and white rice where you can add other ingredients to make the rice dish highly tasty and delicious.

You can further add and steam meat and vegetables in the cooker while the rice cooks below. So, you can prepare your entire meal with this little rice cooker without the assistance of any other tools or appliances in the kitchen. Many Indian rice lovers can also conveniently cook biriyani with this rice cooker. In addition, you can also cook soups, jambalaya and chili with the help of this cooker. So you have an essence of variety in your options table that comes at a very affordable price.


Digital Control and Delay Timer

The digital control system present in this brand of rice cooker enables the convenience that many busy families would look for. It has separate controls to cook brown rice and white rice including other controls to steam or keep warm. You can either use them manually or set up as automated control system that takes care of all your needs such as keeping the meal warm after it has been cooked. The timer option also lets you know what type of meal needs what amount of time to be cooked sufficiently and at what temperature. The cooker supports 15 hour delay timer for you to be able to plan flexible meals whenever possible.

The delay timer is a wonderful addition to the system that makes the life of many people easier especially if you want to come back home after a long hard day of work to find your dinner ready and warm. So basically you can set your rice, meat and vegetables to be cooked in the morning and leave for work. The automated system will keep your food warm after it has been cooked for as long as possible so that you can be able to enjoy a healthy, nice and warm dinner with no nutrition being removed from the meal.



Aroma-8 has a larger option for the amount of rice that can be cooked for a cooker. It carries the size dimension of 8.7 inches x 8.5 inches x 9.3 inches. In this regard, it supports up to 8 cups of cooked rice which is a lot compared to other rice cookers that comes in similar size and settings. The cooker is also a very light one that weighs around 4.2 pounds. The catalog that comes with the product provides all the necessary information related to how to handle the cooker to function at its best. For example, the rice must be cooked in the cup that comes with the product. The digital control system may get complicated for many at first, but the catalog is there to assist you in the process and help you learn and cook the perfect meal. Once you get used to the technology, it becomes an easy to use this product for you.

The rice cooker included steam tray, rice measuring cup, serving spatula and exclusive recipes and coupon to help you cook the best meals using this wonderful machine. With such recipe books, you will learn to prepare new and delicious meals for you family where you can impress anyone with your newly discovered cooking talent. Invite guests over to show off your sense of taste and highlight the incredible benefits this particular rice cooker brand has to offer.


Other Benefits

This brown rice cooker comes with a measuring cup which is a great help for many who are unsure of the amount of grain to be used to cook the perfect amount of rice. For this reason, it allows the reduction of wastage and so you are saving some money as well, even it is not much, but still highly favorable if you want to stay at a strict budget rule during the bad economic times. In general terms, since the rice cooker assists the preparation of a variety of meals, you may need a lot of other cooking tools or machines that have been traditionally used for a long time. So, you are saving a lot of cash, especially if you are setting up a new home or family. Your kitchen can be small, simple but highly productive.

Aroma-8 is manufactured with high-quality materials that can make the product last for a long time. It is made up of stainless steel and high-quality aluminum which is easy to clean and so can look fresh and new for as long as possible. The Teflon coating on the inside of the rice cooker is responsible for keeping the food fresh and warm for a longer period of time which is also very easy to clean and maintain without any chance of decaying any time sooner.

The benefits and convenience that can be achieved from this affordable rice cooker is multi-folded. If you are a fan of rice and loves to have it regularly for lunch and dinners, rice cookers such as this are the one you should definitely look for. The wide variety of cooking assistance it provides is absolutely wonderful simply because you can get this extended amount benefits within just $30 from amazon.

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