Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer Review

Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer

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Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer Review






Ease of Use



  • Sturdy and durable
  • Bowl has comfortable handle
  • Easy to use


  • Top-heavy design
  • Speed lever is a bit hard to control

Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer: All Metal

Stand mixers are a great item to use if you want to mix up dough, batter, or even whip cream. The problem that you may well encounter is all the different stand mixers that are on the market and this makes it rather hard to figure out which of the mixers you should be buying.

This is when you should read about the Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer. Once you read this, you will be armed with the proper information that you need to make sure that you are selecting the right mixer for your needs.

Die cast metal is the first thing that you are going to enjoy with this mixer.

Now, typically you will find that most of the mixers you can buy are going to be colored, which is nice if you have a kitchen that color. However, with all the stainless steel that people tend to use in their kitchen each day now, it is going to be hard to match the kitchen to the mixers.

So you will enjoy this mixer because it is going to allow you to have that great look that you want to have in your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer Features

This mixer is constructed of die-cast metal and is built to last, combining durability with the look of today to bring lasting quality and style to your kitchen. High performance electronics provide constant power for consistent mixing at any speed.

Enjoy the confidence you have in a product backed by years of experience and a 3 year warranty. Fill your home with the delicious aroma of homemade recipes this appliance helps you create.

It comes with the following features designed to suit the needs of most users:

  • 3 year warranty
  • High-Performance Electronics: Ensures consistent power for mixing as you add ingredients
  • 12 speed settings giving flexibility in mixing and accurate control at every mixing speed
  • Hamilton Beach 63220 Head Type

Hamilton Stand Mixer Review

It is designed with a quick-release tilt-up head, button operated to lock the head in the up position. This means you can lift up the head out of the way to access the accessories and attachments or check the contents in the bowl.

You should therefore check that you have enough clear counter top space to be able to use this feature without hitting any upper cabinets.

The planetary 2-way rotating mixing action (the mixing head orbits around the bowl as the beater rotates in the opposite direction) ensures complete mixing of ingredients.

It also maximizes the contact between the attachment and the bowl resulting in better mixing than two-beater stand mixers. This saves you time in that you won’t have to stop to scrape the ingredients from the side of the bowl.

Wattage & Power

The power of the motor is another point that you are going to enjoy with this mixer. The motor in this Hamilton Beach stand mixer is 400 watts, so you should find it strong enough to power through almost any of the ingredients that you plan to put in the mixer. Many other mixers can have a weak motor meaning you would have a difficult time in getting through all the different batters or dough.

Mixing Speeds

You will find the 12 different speed settings is another plus that you will enjoy with this stand mixer. With the range of speeds, you will be able to set a speed and know that it’s going to get all of your ingredients mixed in properly.

However, you will also find that this is going to allow you to avoid spilling the food as well. Without this, you could end up getting the food spilled all over the place because of the speed being so fast that it is just sloshing the food out, rather than mixing it in.

Bowl Size & Capacity

Stainless steel 4.5 quart locking bowl with handle, making it easier for you to transfer contents and attach/remove from the mixer base.

When you have the stand mixer you will find that you want to have the bowl lock in place. You may not have thought about this before, but when the bowl does not lock it can very easily start to spin around and this can make it nearly impossible for you to mix up your ingredients properly. With the Hamilton Beach models, though, the bowl locks into place with a clockwise turn and removed by turning anti-clockwise.

Included Attachments

The Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer comes with a pouring shield for easier addition of ingredients and splatter-free mixing. There are also three attachments that offer mixing versatility to any job, from blending to whipping.

  • Flat beater: used to mix cakes, fudge, cookie dough or potatoes.
  • Dough hook: used for kneading dough for bread, pizza or cinnamon rolls.
  • Whisk: used to whip liquids, such as cream and whites of egg.

This mixer is designed to whisk a minimum of 2 large egg whites or 1 cup of cream. With this minimum amount in the bowl, the tip of the whisk is immersed into the liquid, allowing for enhanced mixer performance. All three attachments are easily secured to the shaft with a simple twist.


  • Dimensions (inches): 14.37 H x 9.44 W x 13.79
  • Weight: 20 Pounds

Features Overviewbest Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

  • Feature Hamilton Beach 63220
  • Brand Hamilton Beach
  • Capacity 4.5 Quart
  • Watts 400
  • Speeds 12
  • Head Type Tilt
  • Included Attachments 3
  • Optional Attachments Available No
  • Color Choices Ye


  • 400-watt motor
  • 3-year replacement warranty
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Electronic Speed sensor ensures consistent speed
  • Bowl has comfortable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable compared to stand mixers in the same class
  • Wobbles with heavy dough


  • Need two hands to lift and lower the mixer head
  • Top-heavy design
  • Speed lever is a bit hard to control
  • Beater does not reach bottom of bowl

Customer Reviews

There are over 450 customer reviews on Amazon for the Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer. The majority of them (almost 85%) gave the device a rating of 4 or 5 stars.

Although there are a small number of dissatisfied reviewers who state that their machines did not last long or worked poorly, at the same time, there are many more who say that their product has worked for many years.

Overall, for the Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer, the positive reviews far outnumber the negative ones.

Stand Mixer PriceHamilton 63220 Stand Mixer Review

The price of the Hamilton Beach Eclectrics is one of its best selling points, being almost half the price of other popular stand mixers in the same class. Attachments are under $10 and bowls less than $25 which is somewhat cheaper than the equivalent KitchenAid stand mixer attachments. These can be found in the Hamilton Beach online store.

Prices do vary with color with the cheapest being Licorice (under $200) and the most expensive being Red (a little over $200).


The Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics Stand Mixer compares very well with other, more expensive, stand mixers in the same power category.

Like every device, it has its drawbacks, but there again, so do other more expensive stand mixers. The 3-year replacement warranty compares very well with most of its rivals which only carry a 1-year replacement warranty. That means you can use the mixer every day for almost 3 years and if it breaks, you can get a replacement.

Finding the best stand mixer is a challenge because of all the different choices that are currently available. However, you should read the reviews of the stand mixers you are considering before you settle on any given mixer. By doing this, it should be easier for you to find the right stand mixer to use and know it will withstand the abuse you put it through.